About us

“Prepared to Conduct Your Yacht Survey in the Canary Islands: Our Expertise and Experience at Your Service”

I am the appointed delegate and Boat Surveyor of LABORATORIOS DE CERTIFICACION VEGA BAJA S.L.U., in the Canary Islands; LABCER S.L.U. is a company headquartered in Alicante (Spain), that serves as an Inspection Entity and Authorised Control Company with broad competences across various fields throughout Spain. My specific role focuses exclusively on inspecting yachts in the Canary Islands, although I also conduct surveys on the mainland and abroad as needed.

On the basis of an advertising strategy, I have created this page for a stronger presence on the Internet in the field of yacht inspection in the Canary Islands.
Through my work with LABORATORIOS DE CERTIFICACION VEGA BAJA S.L.U., I am dedicated to ensuring the highest level of safety and compliance within the yachting industry.