The Propeller

During the inspection, the propeller is checked for integrity and possible signs of corrosion. The propeller is the most important unitary technical element of a boat; Its design and characteristics have a direct impact on the degree of fuel efficiency.
A larger number of blades improves the towing capacity for large loads, it sails better in rough seas and reduces cabitation and ventilation phenomena; The more blades a propeller has, the less vibrations the engine will have, but the lower the efficiency.

To obtain maximum performance, the propeller must be calculated on the basis of the specific characteristics of each boat; effective engine power, gearbox transmission ratio, waterline length and coasteering space, among other aspects.

Electrolytic corrosion

Electrolytic corrosion is an electrochemical process caused by an parasit electric current; This current considerably increases the potential difference between metals and the corrosion is much faster and more aggressive.

As technical inspectors of LABCER in the Canary Islands, we will inform you of the possible solutions in case your boat suffers from this type of corrosion.